Desktop applications

Desktop applications are programs, installed on your computer, and execute specific tasks. Classic examples of desktop applications are text editors and multimedia programs (music or video editors).

With desktop applications you are able to automate and accelerate simple or advanced everyday tasks. Samsoft’s team undertakes the design and development of desktop applications that are fully customized to meet your needs and requirements.

Desktop applications development is done using cutting edge technologies, which offer many features, strict security standards and are actively maintained. All these in accordance with our team’s high qualifications and great experience, allow us to provide desktop applications that will fullfil your every need.

Agile Development Methods

In Samsoft, we enforce the use of agile development methods. That means that we break every desktop application’s development into small parts, and we proceed with the development process by completing every part within a predefined time-span. Through this process, and in close cooperation with you, we are able to transform the original design to meet new requirements and to guarantee your satisfaction, the correct operation of your new desktop application and delivery before any agreed deadlines.

training for desktop applications

Training sessions

Samsoft’s team, oragnizes training sessions to showcase application’s features, best ways to use the application and how to handle abnormal situations. Training sessions, are organized, once your new desktop application has been developed and delivered.

Moreover, every desktop application, is accompanied by full written and digital documentation!

desktop application support

Help & support

Samsoft’s team, is always next to you, to answer every question you have or to solve any problem you might face.

You are our priority, and we prove it constantly, by providing top class support any time!