Web applications

Web applications, just like desktop applications, are developed in order to automate and accelerate the execution of everyday simple or advanced tasks, for example the generation of a income/expenses report. The main difference between web applications and desktop, is the ability to use them from any device, as long as there is an installed browser and Internet connection. This is actually web applications’ greatest advantage.

Samsoft’s team, undertakes the design and development of web applications, that are fully customized to your current and future needs and requirements.

Web applications development, is done by using cutting edge technologies, and Samsoft’s team huge experience on the use of such technologies, is what let us guarantee the delivery of even the most advanced requirements.

Agile development methods

In Samsoft, we enforce the use of agile methods. The development of web applications, is broken in small distinctive parts, that are scheduled to be completed in predefined time spans. That way, we are able to continuously present to you the progress of your web application development. Through this process, and in close cooperation with you, we are able to immediately apply any changes that affect the original design and to reformat the application to fit new or updated requirements. Using agile methods, we are able to guarantee the proper operation of your brand new web application and its delivery within the agreed timeframe, and to be sure for your satisfaction!

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Training sessions

After a web application development is completed and the final product is delivered to the client, our team organizes training sessions for the web application administrators and users. Those training sessions aim to demonstrate the features of the web application, its proper and most efficient usage and ways to handle abnormal situations.

Moreover, every single web application we deliver, is accompanied by printed and digital documentation and tutorials!

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Help & support

Samsoft’s team, is always next to you, in order to help by ansering your questions or by solving any problem you might face.

You are our priorty, and we prove it by providing top class support, any given time!



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