E-commerce is an area that is growing with an extremely fast pace and the percentage of people that shop online is growing everyday!

Samsoft’s experienced team undertakes the design and development of e-shops. Whether it’s a B2C or B2B, a simple e-shop for a local store or a complicated e-commerce site for a SMB, we will suggest custom solutions that will cover your needs in the best possible way!


Before starting the development of an e-shop, we arrange a meeting and do an in-depth discussion to discover your needs.

We analyze with you all the sections and individual functions of the e-shop and discuss various different ideas, to find together the best possible solution.

Thanks to this process, we eliminate possible ambiguities and are certain that we all share a common picture and a clear plan towards the final implementation. Now we are ready to move on with the design phase and the implementation of the functionality for the e-shop!


Lightning fast product search and filtering, immediate add to cart and checkout in seconds, will bring more sales and happy customers!


A clever and modern design, will help your customers to find what they ‘re looking for, easily and quickly and will guide them to complete their purchase.


We create integrations between your business’ ERP, CRM or PIM and your e-shop. That way, you have centralized information management and direct update of your e-shop!

Payment gateways

Accept payments from a plethora of high-quality and secure payment gateways. Your customers can complete their purchases directly without any issue.

Products shipping

Automatic shipping fee calculation, voucher creation and shipping tracking, quick and easy!

Worldwide expansion

With the tools we provide you, you can expand your e-shop operations worldwide. Multiple languages, multiple currencies… Nothing is impossible!

WooCommerce! From the idea, to the final implementation…

The top e-commerce platform, for your e-shop!

For ths e-shops we design and develop, we are using WooCommerce as our go-to solution, since it’s the best e-commerce platform worldwide, with a maket share that exceeds 35%! Why WooCommerce?

1. Open Source software

Open Source, means that we have the freedom to configure and extend the software. This is how we create custom solutions that cover your needs. Moreover, contrary to proprietary software, there are no licensing fees and no lock-in effect. More freedom, more opportunities!

2. Expands with you

WooCommerce is a platform that can handle any load. Whether it’s an e-shop with ten products or one with thousands, WooCommerce operates without issues and can cover the most demanding requirements!

3. Secure

In an online world, where many dangers are lurking, security is a priority! WooCommerce is one of the most secure e-commerce platforms. By following best practices, using trustworthy plugins and installing available updates, we reduce even further the danger for a successful attack to your e-shop.

Are you interested?

Whether you need more information, or you are ready to start, we are here for you. Let’s talk!