Website design and development

Your personal or bussiness website is your online identity! Samsoft’s team, undertakes the design and development of websites that fully represent you and your business profile.

Our goal is to provide performant solutions that cover your requirements and the best possible experience for your website users, through modern design, easy navigation and low loading times. At Samsoft, we follow best practices so your website is displayed and functions properly across all major browsers and different devices (TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)


Before starting with the website development, we always have a discussion to discover your needs and requirements.

We analyze extensively the functionality of each section of the website, and discuss different alternatives to conclude to the best possible result.

Through this process, we eliminate possible ambiguities and are confident that we share a common and clear view of the final implementation.

Now we are ready to move on with the design and the implementation of functionality for your website.


A website should be aesthetically beautiful, and follow a modern design. At the same time should also remain functional! Through a proper, user-friendly and clever design, your website should lead a visitor to find the information they ‘re looking for or to complete a certain action.

Moreover, given that the technology as well as users’ habbits are changing and evolving at a daily basis, your website should be configured and designed properly to display on mobile devices!

During the development phase of a website, Samsoft’s team follows a design motive that is oriented on a mobile-first display. Your website is ready for display on any device (TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) from day one!

Functionality development

We extend and configure the functionality of each website, so it fully matches your requirements!

By following best practices and using cutting-edge tools and technologies, we create custom, high quality solutions, that cover your needs, whether that’s a common contact form, a complex booking management system or anything else.

Solutions! For whatever you need on your website.

Testing & quality assurance

During development as well as after a project’s completion, we perform an extensive process of testing and quality assurance.

Using cutting edge tools, we ensure that a website is error-free and is displayed as expected across different devices.

WordPress! Turning ideas, into reality…

The top CMS worldwide, for your website!

For the website design and development projects we undertake, we have chosen WordPress, the best CMS worldwide. More than 40% of websites globally are based on WordPress, and its market share exceeds 60% when compared to other CMS! Why WordPress?

1. Open-source software

Open-source, means that we have the ability to modify the software and configure or extend it, to provide you with solutions that match your requirements. Moreover, contrary to proprietary software, there’s no licensing fees and no lock-in effect with a specific vendor. More freedon, more possibilities!

2. Grows with you

WordPress is a very flexible platform that can handle any load. Whether a small website, or a network of hundred websites, WordPress can operate without issues and offers the infrastructure for us to provide solutions to cover even the most extreme requirements!

3. Ease of use

WordPress features one of the most easy-to-use administration panels. Even people with zero experience with WordPress can perform basic administration actions in a very short time frame.

4. Secure

In an online world, where many dangers are lurking, security is a priority! WordPress is one of the most secure CMS. Moreover, by following best practices, by using trustworthy plugins and by installing all available updates, we further reduce the risk of an online attack to your website.

Are you interested?

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