A few words about us

Samsoft is a software development company, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2013. Our main activities include Samsoft the development of web, desktop and mobile applications, the design and development of websites and e-shops, as well as online marketing and advertising!Our first steps were rough and we faced many problems, but our love for what we do, helped us to move on...Since the very first moments Samsoft's main goal was the design and development of quality, error-free and competitive software solutions for our customers, using cutting edge technology and offering top class customer support.

So, why should I choose and trust Samsoft?

Samsoft's team is comprised by individuals with great expertise on their sector, huge knowledge base, great experience and true love for what they do! All those are proved everyday by our satisfied customers and associates and many qualifications we hold...Contact us to discover and discuss your needs and you will face the level of our team and the quality of our services!

The team

Meet your partners


Aris is a software developer with extremely good knowledge of JAVA ™ and undertakes the development of desktop and mobile applications! He is the one that will help you find your real needs and guarantee for the best possible results! You ‘re most likely to find him trying to make applications’ user experience even better or enjoying a ride on his bike.


Orestis is a programmer and most often uses PHP! Developing new features is his passion, and he is the one to make your website, web application or e-shop a real thing. Moreover he is the one to manage your advertising campaigns and give you some insightful suggestions. His favorite hobby is flight simulation and reading about emerging technologies regarding software development.


Kiki is a programmer, and because of her unique way of thinking she is able to find a solution even for the most complex issues. Kiki is the one to thoroughly test every line of code we write, to verify and assure its quality! When not thinking about edge use-cases, she really loves having a cup of coffee at a sunny spot!