Samsoft is a software development company, founded in 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The main activity of Samsoft, is development of custom software solutions!

Samsoft’s main target is designing and developing high-quality software solutions for our customers, using cutting edge technologies and tools, and providing top-notch technical support.

Samsoft’s team is made of people with expertise in their field, extended knowlegde, great experience and true love for what they do! This isn’t something we say; numerous of our satisfied customers proove that!

How we work

Before starting…

The first thing we do, way before starting to code, is to have an extended discussion with you to discover your needs.

Next, we analyse your requirements, and suggest different routes, so we can elect the best possible implementation!

Through this process, we erase uncertainties and make sure that we are all on the same page with a clear plan as to what’s next and how to proceed.

Agile development methods

For each project we follow agile development methods. Put simply, the development of each functionality is divided in small parts, which are then ordered by their signifigance and are implemented in short timeframes.

By following the agile methodology, we are able to constantly showcase the progress of the developing project, and through a feedback cycle, we can adjust the project and integrate change requests or even new requirements.

Quality assurance

During the development phase, as well as after a project is complete, we execute a vigorous process of quality assurance.

Using cutting edge tools, we guarantee bug-free code, proper display across different devices and the ability to handle a large number of concurent visitors.

Help & support

Samsoft’s team is always there for you and ready to help you solve any issue you might face.

You are our priority, and we proove that in practice, by providing unbeatable support!