A few words about us

Samsoft is a software development company, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2013. Our main activities include Samsoft the development of web, desktop and mobile applications, the design and development of websites and e-shops, as well as online marketing and advertising!Our first steps were rough and we faced many problems, but our love for what we do, helped us to move on...Since the very first moments Samsoft's main goal was the design and development of quality, error-free and competitive software solutions for our customers, using cutting edge technology and offering top class customer support.

So, why should I choose and trust Samsoft?

Anything great in business is never done by one person, it is always achieved by a team of people. So Samsoft's team is comprised by individuals with great expertise on their sector, huge knowledge base, great experience and true love for what they do! All those are proved everyday by our satisfied customers and associates and many qualifications we hold...Contact us to discover and discuss your needs and you will see yourself our team's level of expertise and the outstanding quality of our services!