Web applications

Web applications aim at automating and accelerating the execution of repeating – simple or advanced – tasks. The main difference from desktop applications, and the biggest advantage of a web application is the ability to use from any device, as long as it has a browser and an internet connection.

Samsoft’s team, undertake the full design and development of custom web applications, customized to your needs and requirements.

The development of web applications is done with the use of cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our experience in development of web applications, allows us to guarantee the reliable coverage of even the most extreme requirements.

Before starting…

Before the development of a web application, there’s an extended discussion to discover your needs.

Following this, we analyze your requirements and present to you various ideas to end up to the best possible implementation.

Through this process, we ensure that there are no uncertainties and that we are all share a common and clear plan towards the final implementation.

Agile methods for development

At Samsoft we apply and follow agile methods. The development of each web application is divided in small sections, which are then ordered by their significance and realized during short intervals. This way, we are able to continuously showcase the progress of the web application while it’s being developed.

Through this process and by being in close contact with you, during the development phase, we can incorporate possible modifications to the original plan and restructure the application to integrate new requirements.

Testing & quality assurance

During the development phase, as well as after the completion of a web application, we execute a thorough testing and quality assurance process.

Using cutting-edge tools, we ensure the absence of bugs from your web application and its proper display across different devices.

Training sessions

After the completion and delivery of a web application, there are training sessions for the application users.

The training sessions that are held by Samsoft’s team, aim at showcasing the functionalities of the web application, demonstrating its proper usage and handling advanced scenarios.

Moreover, each web application, if required, is accompanied by complete documentation and user guides!

Help & support

Samsoft’s team is always there for you, to help you resolve any issue you might face.

You are our priority, and we prove that in practice, by providing unbeatable support!

Are you interested?

Whether you need more information, or you are ready to start, we are here for you. Let’s talk!