Maintenance & support

Your website or your e-shop should be maintained, so it remains secure, operating and fast for a long time. Samsoft’s team, takes care of installing updates, monitoring the state of your website or e-shop, generating backups as well as fixing possible bugs.


We’ve got you covered… You can focus on your business!

Software updates

During set intervals, we install available software updates. Through this process we ensure that you have access to new features, security patches and bug fixes continuously.

You can now rest assured that your website or e-shop, will operate without issues and minimal possibilities for it to become a target of an online attack.


We design a plan for the automatic generation and restoration of backups for your website or e-shop according to your needs.

We make sure that there are multiple backups of your files and your data in secure locations and execute trial restorations to verify the integrity of the backups.

Status monitoring

Using cutting-edge tools, we are monitoring the status of your website or e-shop constantly. If a page takes too long to load, or is offline, we are notified immediately and respond to find and fix any issues.

Bug fixing

When a bug occurs or a component malfunctions on your website or e-shop, then we respond immediately. We don’t just fix the issue that occured, but analyze it to be sure that we resolved the problem at its root and not just the visible parts of a deeper problem.


We are here for you!

Through custom personalized SLAs, that are created based on your needs, you gain access to fast, friendly and professional support through email, phone or via your personal Slack channel. We are here for you for whatever you need!

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