Payments and transactions security

The website is secured by an SSL security certificate. The connection between your device and our servers is encrypted using the TLS 1.3 protocol, the encryption algorithm used is SHA-256 and the encryption key has been generated based on the RSA protocol and has the recommended length of 2048 bits.

Any transaction made on the website is governed and secured by the above mentioned security features.

Samsoft under any circumstances does not gather or keep sensitive credit/debit card data. Every transaction made on this website is to be performed and completed on the secure payments environment of our collaborating payment processors, which is governed by the strict PCI-DSS security standards, while every transaction passes through strict anti fraud mechanisms.

Accepted payments

You may complete any payment to Samsoft by credit/debit card through Viva Payments or PayPal, by cash deposit, or via wire transfer.

Debit/credit card

You may complete your payment using credit or debit card through the secure payments system of Viva Payments or via PayPal. Follow one of the links below, and fill in the payment amount and reason.

It’s not required to have a user account on those platforms to complete your payment.

Cash deposit and wire transfer

Use the following data if you are willing to complete a payment through a cash deposit or via wire transfer

Piraeus Bank

Account number: 5225 1000 54604
IBAN: GR2301722250005225100054604
Beneficiary: Samaras Orestis

Viva Payments

Account number: 5932 6942 0191
IBAN: GR5070100000000593269420191
Beneficiary: Samaras Orestis