Domain name registration

Searching for and registering a domain name for your website, might seem dull for someone! Here at Samsoft, we know that choosing the right domain name is really important, simply because this is the way everyone will find your website!

Moreover, the selection and registration of the right domain name, might make your website to appear higher on search results, and if effect, receive more traffic!

The importance of choosing and registering the right domain name, led us to cooperate with the best registars! So you are able to select your domain without limitations, and the registration process will complete quickly, reliably and of course with the lowest possible price!

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… to choose the right domain name

  • Domain names should relate to your businness, or even better with your website, e-shop or web application content.
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember! That way your website visitors will be able to find you again on Internet
  • It’s a good practice to select a short domain name. It is easier to remember, and way much easier to type it! Especcialy regarding users using mobile devices, a long domain name, might prevent them from visiting the page
  • Try to pick a domain name that is unique! Domain names which simply have a different TLD (.com, .eu, .gr etc) or differ by a few characters ( might confuse your visitors or even worse, lead them to another website (usually a competitor)

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